The Fabrique



The Fabrique joined the Bidfood Middle East family in 2023, where Bidfood acquired majority stake in The Fabrique, a premium boutique butchery focused on innovation in meat products. The Fabrique has been operational in the UAE since 2018 dedicated to producing high-quality value-added meat including sausages, cold cuts, high quality meat and much more.

Some of the main items offered includes: 


Sausage & Cahrcuterie

Gourmet Cheeses

Pantry & Bakery

BBQ Boxes



Air Dried

Experience The Fabrique's specialty sausages and charcuterie infused with flavors from all over the world.

The Butchery

Premium meat cuts sourced from farms guaranteed for highest quality.

Dry Aged Meat

Checkout our dry aged editions, 21 days cut up to 45 days using thecniques that are quite unique in the market.

Dry aged meat...where time becomes flavor.

Pantry Items

Artisanal Bread

Crackers and Snacks

Pantry & Condiments

Unique pantry essentials. From artisan bread and delectable condiments to satisfying crackers, A FAB world of flavors.